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Trucking & Transportation Services

Looking for a quote? Please contact or call 778-478-9540 to get rates and availability on shipments that you need to move.

About Us

Our Technology

Satellite tracking and satellite/cell phone dispatch are at the core of our operations. Communication with our drivers and our ability to pinpoint our power units at any given time allow us to update our customers with real time data to ensure delivery expectations are met.

What We Haul

We haul anything and everything. While our core business is freight that fits on flatdecks, we have a variety of equipment to fit almost all shipments. From lumber, steel, pipe, and building products to temperature controlled groceries and nursery stock we have the flexibility to get your freight delivered.


Working in concert with our partner carriers and contacts, we move full and less than truckload shipments when situations arise where our current company assets are unavailable, expanding upon our existing service areas. Contact .


A wide range of trailer configurations on site and available when needed, including the following:

  • Tandem 53’vans
  • Tandem 53’ heaters
  • Tridem 53’ reefers
  • Tandem 48’ flatdecks
  • Tridem 53’ flatdecks
  • Super B Train flatdecks (32’+28’)

Other equipment is available on short notice as well. Our late model tractors are in compliance with all emission standards. Tarps, chains, belts, dunnage, and cornerboards are the general equipment carried on all our units.